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The Camera Diaries


My First Camera was a Canon FTB, purchased in 1975 for a college journalism class.


What do I remember? Tri X film, darkroom fumes, manual focus, blurry images.


I’m a convert to digital and now shoot with a Canon 5D.


Pixels, auto-focus and Photoshop are magic dust.


My camera bag is the first bag packed for a trip: body, two or three lenses, memory cards, battery chargers, computer. The bag is heavy.


The iPhone camera will never replace the 5D.


I’m old school, rarely shoot video.


Photos on a wall tell stories to a room.


Photos fill walls in BXV and Sharon, CT.


Claudia, Zip and I fantasize about spending more time in Sharon.


I use my tractor to mow the field and move rocks. If I had a dog I would name it Tractor. Or Chainsaw.


The list of places we want to visit dwarfs the list of places we’ve seen.


I will take my camera back to Rome, the Inca Trail, Umbria, Barcelona, the Col du Galibier (on a bike), Sugar Beach in Costa Rica, Portugal, Tuscany, San Francisco, and Sharon.


Creating a photo book of Zip's LL Baseball season was rewarding. And humbling. We have copies in every room of our house.


A photograph cannot be created in Photoshop. That’s called art.


I miss the darkroom. I do not miss manual focus.


I’ve never regretted taking a photo. I’ve often regretted not taking one.